Grunge printed t-shirts sewn by hand in Poland

Most of the t-shirts we create are designed and sewn by hand in Poland. Drawing inspiration from alternative trends, we produce classic and unique t-shirts with hand-designed prints, patterns or embroidery. These include, among others: a flaming rose, heart of thorns, moons, and crescents, lightning bolts, flames, gothic fonts, and more. Many of the afore-mentioned essentials will form the base of your grunge-style wardrobe.

The t-shirts that are offered by us are sewn from extremely soft and pleasant to the touch cotton. Thanks to the excellent quality material, our products will last you ages. The standout feature on some of our t-shirts is the raw finish at the bottom, which adds character and further highlights the alternative style. Additionally, many of our t-shirts have a unisex cut to suit both men and women.