Sale Conditions

  1. Sales do not add up. 
  2. In order to get a t-shirt, you have to place an order over 50EUR, shipping fee excluded.
  3. Sale's valid until the stock lasts.
  4. The t-shirt will be added randomly. You may get one of:
    1. Thorn Heart T-shirt
    2. Fake Romance T-shirt
    3. More Self Love T-shirt
    4. or any otherf t-shirt from our previous collections that isn't available anymore.
  5. You can get only one t-shirt per order.
  6. In case you need to return your order:
    1. for full returns - you're obligated to return the shirt as well;
    2. partial return - you may keep the shirt.
  7. Failing to return a shirt, we will deduce it's cost off initial refund value.