Size chart

We know how difficult it is to choose the right size, especially when ordering online. Therefore, each product has it's own size chart available on its page. All of them have their own sizing, as each material and cut differs - sometimes the fabric is much more elastic than others, or the product has elastic waist band. We strongly advise checking the size chart on the product page carefully. 

General size chart

Size Chest Waist Hips
XXS EU 32 US 0 UK 4 80-84cm 60cm 80cm
XS EU 34 US 2 UK 6 82-88cm 65cm 85cm
EU 36 US 4 UK 8 86-92cm 70cm 95cm
EU 38 US 6 UK 10 90-96cm 75cm 100cm
L EU 40 US 8 UK 12 94-100cm 80cm 106cm
XL EU 42 US 10 UK 14 98-106cm 85cm 112cm
XXL EU 44 US 12 UK 16 102-106cm 90cm 118cm
XXXL EU 46 US 14 UK 18 106-110cm 95cm 122cm

How to pick a size?

Stand loosely in front of the mirror. Use measuring tape to check your measurments. You shouldn't suck in your belly or force the meter tighten, as it will give false results. Ensure that the measurint tape is loose and that you can breathe without feeling its pressure. Write down your measurments and compare with our sizing chart.

Before choosing the size, check what's the fit of a product in its description. Whether it's described as "bodycon", "oversized" or "unisex", it will help you understand how it fits.

If your measurments land in between two sizes, we suggest choosing the larger one so it won't feel too tight.

  1. chest - measure yourself at the fullest part of your bust. We suggest using wireless, non-padded bra to get the best results;
  2. waist - check your waist by measuring at the most narrow point. Make sure it's loose, breathe in and out to check if it isn't too tight;
  3. hips - it's the widest part of hips, right below your hipbones.

How to choose the size based on the cut?

Each product has its own fit which is always mentioned in product's description. Whether it is tight fit, loose, oversized or unisex, your size my differ. Think what do you like your clothes for: for how comfortable they feel? Or maybe for their flattering bodycon shaping? Here are a few tips on how to pick the best size in order to get your most wanted cut.

Oversize cut is about everything loose and comfy! Oversize makes everything look a bit baggy yet still fitting. If you don't like your clothes being too big, we suggest to size down.

Unisex cut equals to classic fits you know from your favourite t-shirts and hoodies. Clothes marked as unisex are perfect for both male and female bodyshapes. If you have a male bodyshape, please stick to the size chart. However if you have a female bodyshape, you may consider taking a smaller size if you want your piece to be more fitted.

Tight or bodycon fit hugs your body, so make sure to stick to our size chart. If your measurments land somewhere between sizes, we suggest taking a larger one as it would be definitely much more snug without pressuring onto your body. We always use stretchy materials for all tight fit pieces.

If you have any doubts, feel free to message to us - via the chat in the bottom corner of the page or via e-mail We will be happy to help you choose the right size! :)