HEy! It's great to meet you!

My name is Gabriela - the creator and the owner of SKYDANCE. Since 2014 I'm working with my family and talented seamstresses on creating ethical, alternative fashion that will help you express your style. We're inspired by the 90s and everything dark, mixing it with today's trends.

Our story

It all started in 2014 when I was 16 years old and started my own small shop with handmade jewellery. For my initial creations, I used my mother's old necklaces or keychains from Witch magazines 😊

However, I never expected it to blow up as it did back then. That's why my grandmother started helping me with new designs and creating items my Customers would order (and btw - she still, to this day, creates your jewellery!). Soon after, my parents joined me - dad, supporting the brand from the accounting side, and mom, a woman with great tailoring knowledge. With their help, we were able to sew the first tennis skirts and design t-shirts.

And this is how it looks today - we run our brand as a family, offering clothes that will make you look different than everyone else. Grandma and dad are constantly creating jewellery available in our store, mom uses every scrap of material transforming it into bags in the zero waste spirit, and Justyna - my sister-in-law - shipsyour orders.

Clothes that make you stand out

We are inspired by everything alternative: we like alternative music, wear black and we can't imagine our lives without platform shoes.

Our brand is a way to express yourself through fashion. We are constantly developing, playing with trends. At SKYDANCE, you'll find grunge checks, chunky goth-inspired prints and much more!

We respond to all your fashion needs and remind you: be unique and wear everything you like.

Edgy fashion with ethical twist

Our products are made in Poland, in local sewing studios, using locally sourced materials. Thanks to this, we offer you not only original items - but also promote ecological, ethical, and above all, conscious approach to production. We want to be bring ethical production and high-quality fabrics to our beloved grunge-inspired fashion taste.

We try to act in the most sustainable way possible. We reduce the consumption of plastic - we use biodegradable foil or paper to pack clothes, and we pack packages in recycled plastic bags and cardboard boxes. By using mainly materials produced in Poland, we reduce our carbon footprint.

If, like us, you are fascinated by everything that is different, or you are simply looking for a way to express yourself - you are in the right place. Show the world how individual you are and dress exactly how you like it. We will help you with this.

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