About us

SKYDANCE is a unique place with alternative clothing. We are a small, family-run business that, inspired by the 90s grunge, punk, goth and intertwining that with streetwear, creates clothes that speak for themselves. As the first in Poland since 2014, we decided to create accessories and clothes in grunge, vintage, and tumblr climate. We take inspiration from current trends and modify them to make them stand out. In this way, we respond to all your needs and make it easier for you to be unique and wear everything you like!

At SKYDANCE, we create unique clothing that will be a staple in your wardrobe. We believe that the most important thing is to wear what you feel like, regardless of social standards. That is why we are persistent to creating high quality pieces that will soon become your favourites.

It all started in 2014 when our founder, Gabriela, who was only 16 at that time, decided to open her first small business. It was an amateur store with handmade jewelry. This was primarily because there was no local store dealing with jewelry and accessories in the tumblr style, from which she drew inspiration. Taking care of every detail, she created small accessories, which to this day serve our customers as an original addition to the outfit. One year was enough, and our team grew, engagin Gabriela's parents, grandmother and sister-in-law.

Our products are made in Poland, in local sewing studios, using locally sourced materials. Thanks to this, we offer you not only original items - but also promote an ecological, ethical, and above all, conscious approach to production. We make sure that our clothing is of high quality and can serve you for ages.

We are committed to creating products such as tennis skirts in unique patterns, t-shirts with hand-designed patterns, warm sweatshirts, or accessories to add variety to your outfit. We want to be bring ethical production and high-quality fabrics to our beloved grunge-inspired fashion taste. Above all, we take a conscious approach to production, reducing the use of raw materials wherever possible.

So if you are fascinated by all things different or just looking for a way to express yourself - you are in the perfect spot. Show the world how individual you are and dress exactly the way you want to. We will help you to achieve it.