SKYDANCE is a small, family business where we create our own, unique products, inspired by alternative aesthetic, including grunge, goth, fairygrunge. Our team consists of the closest family members who are very committed and harmonious like no other!


I founded SKYDANCE when I was only 16 years old. I decided to open my first small business - a Facebook page - which was an amateur handmade jewellery shop. This was mainly due to the fact that in Poland at that time, it was impossible to get Tumblr-inspired accessories, from which I drew inspiration back then. The shop was supposed to be just my little sidekick, something I did for fun, and here we are now - nine years later, I'm still working on it 🦋

At SKYDANCE, I do... everything. I design, I look for materials, I work directly with the sewing studios. It's me you talk to on our social medias - apart from developing new clothes, I spend a ton of time creating inspiring content for you on our Instagram, Facebook or TikTok! I take pictures myself (usually posing as well;), process them and prepare them to be posted on the website. When necessary - I send your orders. I also reply to your e-mails!


Justyna, my sister-in-law, who ships your parcels so quickly! ✨ Justyna keeps order in our small office, prepares clothes picked up from the sewing room, checking their quality and labels them, and meets our polish Customers at personal pickups! She's a huge help when we go on events and fairs, trying to help our Customers as much as she can:)


My dad deals with all kinds of legal and accounting matters. He takes care of all invoices, keeps an eye on "news" from the legal world :-) He helps a lot organizing our work. And most importantly - he invents and creates your jewellery! Most of our earrings and necklaces come from his hand. 🖤


Grandma was a huge help at the beginning of the brand's development - she helped me create jewellery for your orders when I had tests at school the next day... Currently, she creates freebies for you, which we throw in larger orders and makes otherworldly chokers from natural stones!


My mother has huge knowledge in the field of tailoring and thanks to her I was able to create so many projects. My mother helps me choose proper materials and polish my ideas so that the clothes are sewn and perfected to the last detail. In addition, mom makes sure that no piece of fabric goes to waste - what we have left from sewing clothes, she transforms into unique bags! She helps with packing clothes after picking them up from the sewing room - she checks the quality of sewing and labels them.


She is a super talented person who designs prints on our clothes! Her talent makes our clothes stand out from other brands. She is a very detailed and professional person, and her illustrations always exceed the wildest expectations. By day she is a tattoo artist with a unique, dark and old school style. You can find her on Instagram - be sure to check out her work by clicking here!

Our team