Our team

Skydance is a family-owned business that creates its unique grunge, vintage, and tumblr style products. Our team is made up of immediate family members who are very dedicated and in tune like no one else.

The creator of this unique alternative clothing place is me - Gabriela. When I was only 16, I decided to open my first small business. It was an amateur store with handmade jewelry. This was primarily because in Poland there was no store dealing with jewelry and accessories in the tumblr style, from which I drew inspiration. Taking care of every detail, we created small accessories, which to this day serve our customers as an original addition to the outfit. One year was enough, and we were already working on new designs of t-shirts and tennis skirts. Watching our little store grow quickly has been an unforgettable experience.

My grandmother joined me in working on the store and helped me create and design new necklaces. She fell in love with the vibe and the gemstones and after a while offered her ideas. To this day, she is still happy to help however she can, for which we are extremely grateful.

Soon after, my parents joined in. With their previous sewing experience, they helped me to choose the right materials, start working with a sewing shop and create the first patterns.

The team also includes my sister-in-law, Justyna, who takes care of shipping orders and customer service, making sure that the purchase process goes smoothly. She is a person you can always rely on. In addition to these duties, she also finds time to help with production, takes care of tidiness in the office, and packs parcels.

The person who is the illustrator of our designs is my bestie - Agnieszka. It is thanks to her that our clothes have all their magic. She is very detailed and professional and her design drawings always exceed our expectations and we are delighted with the final results. She is a tattoo artist by day, she has a unique style, her tattoos are heavily shaded and very realistic. Her social media is worth following and we encourage you to do so.

IG: instagram.com/agacasper

FB: https://www.facebook.com/agacasperart/