Wear better

Our mission is to empower everyone to wear whatever they want, to show their true self without feeling ashamed.

At the same time, we know how destructive the clothing industry can be. That's why at SKYDANCE we don't focus on quantity - we focus on quality and sustainable production. You look the most beautiful when you are good for others - especially for the natural environment. And we do our best to make our clothes not only pleasing to the eye - but also safe for your skin and nature.

Your clothes are unique!

We create our unique products in strictly limited quantities to minimize fabric waste. By sewing novelties in small batches, we avoid excessive use of energy and water. If for some reason we can't sell something, we donate it to charity.

Local manufucturing

Our tailoring and sewing is fully done in Poland. We create our skirts, tops and lingerie in local sewing studios. We also support local business by buying fabrics from polish manufacturers or creating our own garments in polish printing studios.

Minimising waste and recycling

Along with us, our sewing studio is also developing. Seamstress who cuts the fabric into clothing pieces does her best to use every scrap of fabric and not waste a centimetre. But no matter how hard we try, there will always be some of material left. That is why we use the leftover materials to sew scrunchies, bags, and gloves. Thanks to this, nothing is wasted.

Certified fabrics

All of our fabrics have OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certificate. Oeko-tex checks for presence of hazardous chemicals in the dyed fabric. It assures that our materials are carcinogens-, azo dyes- and other chemicals free in accordance to the European REACH standards. We are proud to say that our t-shirts, hoodies and cotton tops have this certificate.

We also often use organic cotton and Lenzing™ Ecovero™ viscose!

Reducing plastic usage

Our brand is slowly discontinuing the use of plastic bags to package clothing. Instead, we roll up our products and tie them with cotton string. Not only does it look mega cute, but it's also great for keeping your clothes safe!

Women owned

Almost three-quarters of our team are women!

Environmentally friendly packaging

We basically put all of your dreamy items into carton boxes or biodegradable/recycled mailers to make sure they're safe & nicely packed. We don't use regular plastic at any point in our business, always making sure to choose stationery consciously.

Within Europe, we're using delivery services that provide CO2 reduction. This way, your parcel not only arrives quickly - it is also delivered in a manner that's safe for environment!


We welcome everyone to be their truest self without judgments. We accept and love each and one of you exactly for who you are. No matter what's your gender identity, sexual preferences, religion, nationality, skin colour, culture, age, sex... We're there for you! We thrive to create more inclusive clothes, hence we constantly expand our sizes range and upgrade our clothes to fit as many beautiful bodies as possible.

Fur Free retailer

Our brand has joined the Fur Free Retailer programme. This means that Skydance will not sell or promote any products that contain real animal fur. Read more here!

Ethical promise