Ivy Gemstone Choker

Meet Ivy - a choker created for all fairycore fans 💚 Green, aquamarine and purple fluorites mixed with agates and large, raw quartz nuggets complement each other perfectly, and the choker with a star in an unusual place - on the side - only adds magic 💫

Ivy is a choker made exclusively of raw natural stones. It combines agate and fluorite, all interspersed with raw lumps of quartz dyed black and a star pendant.

Thanks to this, each choker is different - it will differ in the shape of the raw stones and their colour.

The length of the choker is 32cm + 5cm extension chain.

Pendant's made from stainless steel. Thanks to this, the chain will be resistant to water - it will not lose its colour. 

Handmade in Poland.

Europe 3 - 10 working days from €10
USA, Canada, Australia 14 - 20 working days from €12
Rest of the world 10 - 30 working days from €12

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