Bralettes size chart

size bust underbust cup matches size
XS 62–72cm 55-70cm A 65A, 70A, 75A
65B, 70B
S 70-82cm 60-75cm A, B 80A, 85A
75B, 80B
70C, 75C
M 80-92cm 65-80cm B, C, small D and E 80B, 85B
75C, 80C
70D, 65E
L 90-98cm 70-85cm C, D, small E and F 85C, 90C
75D, 80D
70E, 65F
XL 98-108cm 80-95cm D, E, small F 85D, 90D
75E, 80E
XXL 106-114cm 90-105cm E, F 85E, 90E
75F, 80F

Pick a size according to your measurements, not your cup.We also strongly suggest to take in condisderation your personal preferences - whether you like your bra loose or more tight. If you're not sure which size should you choose, or if you fall into two sizes, our advise is to order bigger size.

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